Hydra White - Ripped Off!!


I have had the same experience as most other people. I only ordered a "free trial"(what a laugh) and they stole money from my account for subsequent items I did not order.

They will not refund my money and my bank (dispute department) cannot get the money from them. They mentioned a "trial" period and that you must cancel within that period, but they did not stipulate how long the trial period lasts - not very long as far as I am concerned. This company needs to be exposed for the theiving parasite that it is and closed down. The same goes for Whitening Fast, another company operating in the same underhand way.

DO NOT ORDER any "free" trials form these companies. They will steal your money without your permission. I have received cancellation confirmation from both of these companies after contacting them, but time will tell whether they are being truthful or if they pinch more money from my account.

What an unsuspecting fool I've been!! Everyone - BEWARE!!!!!!!!

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Monetary Loss: $127.

Hydra White - Conned by Hydrawhite

Macclesfield, England 0 comments
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I took advantage of a "Free Trial" offer of teeth whitening product which was only supposed to cost £1 + shipping to UK. Within a few minutes I received a phone call offering lots of other products, told the salesman I wasn't interested and to cancel my order.

Received a message from my local Post Office that there was a package for me to collect, turned out to be 3 packs of Hydrawhite sent via US postal service a few days later and was billed over £3 for postage. Just checked my latest bank statement to find Hydrawhite have taken a further £65.03p ($94.31)from my account.

Not much of a "Free Trial". How do I get my money refunded?

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Monetary Loss: $94.

Hydra White - Dont sign up for their free trial its a ***

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I signed up for their free trial. Gave credit card details for postage but the link with the terms and conditions are not on their website but at the bottom of the link i clicked http://mixidj.delta-search.com/?babsrc=NT_lclon .

i paid £3 for the shipping and it arrived very quickly. if u dont cancel they charge you a member ship fee non refundable ofcourse and continue to debit credit card saying thaT THEY WILL CONTINUE TO SEND YOU STUFF....ALLEDGELLY. I sent them an email and got a bog standard reply I have since sent another email and am awaiting the reply.

the nicest way to think of this *** is not moral. AVOID

Monetary Loss: $120.

Hydra White - I was ripped off

San Antonio, Texas 1 comment

Chose to partake of the free trial sample. I only payed $1.37 for postage using my debit card.

Not more than a week later, i checked my credit card account and found that over $100.00 had been charged out of this same account. Apparently there is an unstated charge or commitment that is not fortold in the process of receiving your free trial product. I called my bank to claim a fraudulent charge. They only advised me try to contact company and see if I could cancel account through them.

Had to cancel my credit card after this and quite possibly change banks.

These people are *** artists. Stay away.

Monetary Loss: $100.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada #657920

I was scammed by this company to, trial for 1.00 plus S&H, took 98.00 from account, when I contacted company they said I should have read the small print, what a bunch of losers, contacted bank and they are being investigated,I guess there product is garbage to have to be so untruthful to sell there ***.They had a woman on the site promoting there ***, a week later there she was again promoting another company,what a joke, shopping on line sucks :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Hydra White - Theft from my Bank Account

London, England 0 comments
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I also took advantage of a 'Free Trial'. I made sure that it was clearly a free trial and did not authorise any further acceptance of the product.

I now find they have taken £58 in Feb and £59 in March. Once they have your details they can help themselves AND THEY DO! The bank tell me they cannot stop them taking the money but the Bank will refund me. What a *** state of affairs.

This company steal money and get away with it. Watch out for Bellaclear, BellaBrite and HydraWhite. The bank say that they will in future pay the money and claim it straight back, eventually the company will stop asking for it.

I have had no success in getting the company to stop the withdrawals. What a ***.

Monetary Loss: $160.

Hydra White - This is a rip off company

Belfast, Northern Ireland 0 comments

Advert stated free sample of hydra white, only pay postage, which was about £3.50, paid by card, on 19th nov, 2012 went on holiday on 8th off dec arrived home on 4th feb, 2013, checked my mail and bank statements to find hydra had taken £51 from my account on the 3rd of dec, then a further £52 on the 1st of January , on the 4th I stopped the card and reported this fraud to my bank , have nothing to do with this fraud company it is all a scan stay well clear from this company mike weir

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Monetary Loss: $134.

Hydra White - False advertising will charge u with out your permission and the phone number on there web sight is

San Diego, California 0 comments

I would first like to say that to select one complaint type is impossible. billing yes, contract yes, customer service yes. all of the above. I am going to inclose part of my emails to these people and also mention that they refused to give me a supervisor or the name and contact information for the president of the company.


I had my wife call you yesterday to request a full for all the product

you sent me, I canceled this when I went on to your web sight after I

got the first whiting pen that did not work. You continued to send me

product anyway so I thought your shipping department was having problems. I am asking you once again to refund all the charges

going back to september to the very first charge. I know my wife very

well and she said that the rep just kept on repeating the same thing

over and over again and she requested to speak to a supervisor and one

would not come to the phone. The rep told her a supervisor would be

calling he back in an hour. She never received a call back. This is

very poor customer service, and the phone number on your web sight is

not a valid phone number when you call it it just keeps disconnecting the call

We are going to do everything in our power to ruin your company and

get you off of the web, my wife is a very nice lady and it takes a lot

to get her mad. Your company is doing bad business you don't care if

your product works or if it even comes out of the tube. My wife told

the rep that the product does not even come out of the pen and they

had nothing to say. They had no defense because you know you are

selling *** and taking advantage of your miss leading. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPE. They will charge you about $4.00 plus for the first tube and then they will continue to charge your card for about $80.00 each month for a tube of junk. When you try to get the matter resolved you will not get any cooperation from them. I am going to have to get a new cc number just to get them from stoping the charges and I have to dispute the chargers that are already done.

Monetary Loss: $328.

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