I would first like to say that to select one complaint type is impossible. billing yes, contract yes, customer service yes. all of the above. I am going to inclose part of my emails to these people and also mention that they refused to give me a supervisor or the name and contact information for the president of the company.


I had my wife call you yesterday to request a full for all the product

you sent me, I canceled this when I went on to your web sight after I

got the first whiting pen that did not work. You continued to send me

product anyway so I thought your shipping department was having problems. I am asking you once again to refund all the charges

going back to september to the very first charge. I know my wife very

well and she said that the rep just kept on repeating the same thing

over and over again and she requested to speak to a supervisor and one

would not come to the phone. The rep told her a supervisor would be

calling he back in an hour. She never received a call back. This is

very poor customer service, and the phone number on your web sight is

not a valid phone number when you call it it just keeps disconnecting the call

We are going to do everything in our power to ruin your company and

get you off of the web, my wife is a very nice lady and it takes a lot

to get her mad. Your company is doing bad business you don't care if

your product works or if it even comes out of the tube. My wife told

the rep that the product does not even come out of the pen and they

had nothing to say. They had no defense because you know you are

selling *** and taking advantage of your miss leading. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPE. They will charge you about $4.00 plus for the first tube and then they will continue to charge your card for about $80.00 each month for a tube of junk. When you try to get the matter resolved you will not get any cooperation from them. I am going to have to get a new cc number just to get them from stoping the charges and I have to dispute the chargers that are already done.

Monetary Loss: $328.

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